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Jumpsuit, Jishin - The Earthquake

Jumpsuit, Jishin - The Earthquake

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Jumpsuit, Jishin - The Earthquake

The white paint is applied in a way that shows the primary effects of earthquakes which is ground shaking, ground rupturing, and tsunamis. The center back paintwork is done to replicate tectonic plates moving away to cause earthquake. 

- Centre front button opening.

- 2 front rectangle shaped pockets.

- 2 back Trapezium shaped pockets.

- Hem buckle opening to help tighten the bottom according to desired circumference. 

- Half waistband at center back.

- 8 buttons on waist line to give consumers a choice to tighten however they desire. 

- Full length sleeves with cuff opening.

All clothing from the "Be The Change" KLFW 2022 collection is made to pre-order.

Embroideries are available upon request. 

Contact : 012-6359526 (Nana) /


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