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Dress, Baransu - The Balance

Dress, Baransu - The Balance

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Dress, Baransu - The Balance

This dress was designed with the intention of showing the good and bad side of the fashion industry. 

The left side (Beige colour) shows a world where we all take care of it and try reduce fashion waste. Patchwork in shape of wood ripples, boro stitches to show the mending process, embroidery using earthy colours. 

The rigth side (Brown colour) shows a world where we neglect our responsibilty towards mother earth. Its made of tiedye fabric with the bottom half of the dress torn into long pieces, patchwork to give a very rough and dirty finish which represents all the pollution and waste the textile industry contributes to the world.

- Center opening with full hooks and eyes to give the customer the freedom to be able to close as many or as less hooks they desire. 

- Full length sleeves.

- Ankle length dress length.

All clothing from the "Be The Change" KLFW 2022 collection is made to pre-order.

Embroideries are available upon request. 

Contact : 012-6359526 (Nana) /


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